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The United Way of Dodge County will assist any non-profit agency throughout the county in the following Board of Director Role aspects:


Board Development

Lead session during board meeting or retreat to address governance, big think meetings, fiscal accountability, succession planning, bringing a growth mindset to each discussion (1 hour session) 


Strategic Planning

Lead strategic plan development session in a retreat to facilitate plan development.  Will include pre-work for board and staff leadership, facilitation of retreat, and post-work.  (6 hour session)


Strategic Alignment

Lead session at meeting or retreat during off years to measure agency effectiveness as related to the Strategic Plan.   (1 hour session)


Resource Development

Lead session to address how to engage more prospective donors and how to make the ask.  Will also cover donor stewardship.  (1 hour session) 


Capital Campaign Planning

Lead a session at retreat to educate on feasibility studies, how to know when it’s time, considerations to be made before launching, structuring a committee, developing a timetable, marketing ideas, and execution strategy.  Will give you the tools to run your own campaign instead of hiring a consultant.  (6 hour session)

1 hour sessions are gratis to all non-profits

6 hour sessions are $500 to non-profits or gratis to Partner agencies

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