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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I give to United Way of Dodge County?
  Charitable giving is a personal and voluntary decision and the United Way of Dodge County encourages you to do what is most comfortable to you. A gift to United Way of Dodge County is an investment that benefits the entire community, not just one program, issue, or population. 

Why should I give to United Way rather than directly to my favorite agency?
  Gifts to United Way of Dodge County support over 31 results-oriented local programs and services that are addressing the community's most pressing needs. If everyone designated their gifts to their favorite agency, many services to those in need would not be available to the community. 

How much of my contribution actually reaches the programs supported by the United Way of Dodge County?
  Nearly 86 cents of each dollar contributed to United Way of Dodge County goes directly to local programs & services - far more efficient than most other non-profits, both locally and nationally. 

Can I designate my gift?
  Though you have the opportunity to designate to any of the 19 member agencies of United Way of Dodge County, and other United Ways across the country, please consider giving to all 19 agencies. 

Why should I give if my spouse/partner already gives?
  United Way of Dodge County believes that charitable giving is a personal and voluntary decision. We encourage each spouse/partner to participate in his/her employer's United Way workplace campaign. The combined total of both gifts may qualify you for leadership giving recognition. 

I know of someone who didn't get help. Don't United Way and its partners programs help everyone?
  No individual or family is turned away deliberately. Usually when people are unable to receive help from a non-profit organization, it is because limited funds necessitate long waiting lists or because the organization does not offer the specific services individuals or families are seeking. 

Are all United Ways the same?
  There are approximately 1,300 United Way across the country that exist in their respective communities to build partnerships and leverage resources to create plans for long lasting community change. Though United Ways share a logo and have similar missions, each United Way is independently incorporated and is led by local staff and volunteers. The work of each United Way is determined by its community needs. 

What if I don't want my money to go to a certain agency?
  Not every agency appeals to every donor, but all agencies have met the meticulous standards of our United Way and the programs we fund meet needs within our seven impact areas. If you like, you can designate to any one agency that fits your needs. 

Who determines how my donation is spent?
  Volunteers. Individuals like you, who represent a broad spectrum of the Dodge County area serving on the United Way board. The United Way of Dodge County is a local autonomous organization making local decisions on how monies are raised and how monies are spent. We are not governed by a national organization, or do we follow mandated policies and procedures. 

Does my donation stay in Dodge County?
  Close to 99 cents of every dollar raised stays in Dodge County. 

Why should I give, I don't use the services?
  Chances are, you or someone you know will use a United Way member agency service or program in your lifetime. When you consider the tremendous range of services provided by United Way funded programs, you or a family member will probably use one of the services at some point in time. Perhaps your son will become a Boy Scout or your daughter a Girl Scout. Or perhaps a family will need other services our agencies provide. Whatever the occasion, United Way funded programs meet the needs of thousands of people in our service area, assuring all of us a better place to live, work, and play. 

Does United Way of Dodge County support Planned Parenthood?
  No, United Way of Dodge County does not currently fund Planned Parenthood or any other organization that renders abortion services. 

Why do some agencies charge fees?
  The majority of United Way member agencies receive only a portion of their support from the annual United Way Campaign. United Way allocations are made to programs based on the impact the program makes, and help offset the costs of many programs, reducing the fees a service would charge without United Way donor dollars. 

What is the easiest way to contribute?
  Payroll deduction is by far the most convenient method of contribution. A small amount is taken from your paycheck per payday, allowing you to make a small contribution each week that can make a big difference in the course of a year. 

What if I have another question?
  Call the United Way office at 920-885-2488 or you can use this site to send us a message.


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